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AroundSquare Titan (Titanium) Begleri

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Quick overview

The Titan begleri from Aroundsquare are precision machined from grade five titanium. They feature an innovative "gumdrop" bead design unlike else on the market, with a domed top for very smooth play, and a straight, knurled barrel for superior control. They are extremely durable and very well weighted, and the bead design plays, feels, and looks amazing. The Titans are 19mm by 19mm, and weigh in at 17g per bead. They come with several extra strings, a fist full of stickers, a canvas carry bag, an info card, and a slick little gift box. 

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Brand Around Square
RRP £49.99
Weight 0.05kg

The Titan design is the result of months of development, multiple prototypes, and hundreds of hours of playtesting with feedback from players all around the world. As part of our commitment to help, grow and develop the begleri community, we have priced them to be accessible. We wanted to make a top-notch begleri set available to any committed player. There aren't many titanium begleri on the market, and those that occasionally become available are usually priced at $90-110. But don't let the price of the Titans fool you. These are serious begleri for serious players. We've made no compromises at all on this product. 

The gr5 titanium is one of the most durable materials available, and the density of titanium allows for a large bead without being overweight. As with any begleri, you can expect them to "age" over time. The gr5 Ti tends to darken slightly with regular handling. Ti is much harder than aluminum and most other metals, but it will still scratch and ding when dropped. We expect the Titans to be smashed together and dropped repeatedly, and you'll find that they eventually develop a bit of additional texture that helps with the bead control. As you gain control and drop them less, the constant hammering and handling may lead to a glossier appearance. Rather than trying to keep them looking new, treat it as a process of cultivation, reflecting the hours of play you've put into them. 

The weight and shape of the titans make them excellent for advanced tricks like rolls and wraps that require momentum and stability. At the same time, however, the weight (around 17g per bead) makes them less suitable for children.

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