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Bicycle Aureo Playing Card Deck

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The Aureo was an artistic principle employed by Leonardo da Vinci and other Renaissance artists to describe the golden ratio, bringing balance and beauty to their artwork. This very special Bicycle deck uses the same premium cardstock and air-cushion finish, but has graphics that explore this concept. The tuck box features foil flourishes and the cards have custom graphics on the backs. An exceptionally beautiful card deck that will be enjoyed by collectors, game players and magicians alike. 

Prices are restricted to registered users

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EAN 0073854024614
Brand Bicycle
RRP £13.50
Weight 0.1kg

This very special Bicycle deck has custom graphics that pay tribute to a near-ancient text. In the early 1500s Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated "La Divina" (The Divine Proportion). This was a book written by mathematician Luca Pacioli that described a mathematical theory called "The Golden Ratio". A little research will tell you that this concept was used extensively in Renaissance paintings and sculptures to achieve balance and beauty.

DaVinci later called this section aurea or the Golden section. The gold foil and swirl designs on the tuck box bring the Golden ratio to life in this unique deck of cards. The backs of the cards also feature superb graphics that explore the concept in beautiful, artistic way. 

These decks are made from premium card stock and manufactured in the USA to very high standards. 

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