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Bicycle Neon Green Cardistry Card Deck

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The Neon deck from Bicycle is their first deck dedicated to the art and discipline of cardistry. Card manipulators can expect all the normal bells and whilstles from Bicycle in the form of premium US card stock, high quality printing and their signature air-cushion finish. However Kike Sainz's modernist graphics on front and back, give the deck the perfect look for flourishes, fancy shuffles and throwing tricks. Please note that these cards aren't numbered like traditional card decks - they are intended for fancy card handling tricks and look beautiful in motion. The cards are supplied in a debossed tuck box.  

Prices are restricted to registered users

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EAN 0073854025314
Brand Bicycle
RRP £6.99
Weight 0.1kg

Bicycle have launched the NEON deck to meet the needs of cardistry performers. The deck not only handles beautifully through flourishes and shuffles, but is complimented by futuristic, geometric artwork that add a whole new level to your illusions and tricks. These cards aren't numbered like a traditional card deck, but are tailor made for tricks and cardistry. A great training and performance deck, manufactured by Bicycle in their USA workshop. The nonstandard card faces with no pips or numbers take the design right to the edge, allowing for unique fans and spreads that will take your cardistry moves to the next level.

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