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Play Glitter Contact Stage Ball - 90mm

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Quick overview

The PLAY STAGE BALL is hollow and made of a flexible PVC which gives the ball great grip. It is excellent for performing because it has virtually no bounce and won’t go too far when dropped. Choose amongst the widest range in the world made in Italy by PLAY, absolutely the best balls for contact juggling.

Prices are restricted to registered users

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RRP £13.99
Weight 0.4kg

<p>A stage ball is a hollow ball rotationally molded out of PVC, without any filling, so the total weight of the ball is made up by the weight of the balls shell only. The advantage of this ball is it is very durable, bright colored, water proof and has a lower cost that most other juggling balls. The main disadvantage of a stage ball is it will rolls away from you when dropped. These gliiter balls are made with rod shaped glitter for more effect.<p>

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