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H2Woahs Fire poi

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Quick overview


Length - 65cm / 45cm

Wick dimensions - 4 '' x 3'' x 3''

Head weight - 180g

Tottal weight - 210g

Components -

- Px3 Handles.

- Technora leesh's.

- Heavy Duty Split ring.

- 100% pure kevlar ( Play )

Prices are restricted to registered users

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Length inches 0.5
Colour n/a
RRP £144.99
Weight 0.6kg


Flatwick macrame fire poi, hand crafted with 25mm pure kevlar.

Burn times 5 min + ( Varying on use and weather conditions )

Small section of metal exposed.

Aspheticaly pleasing with large flames.

(Saftey notes)

Do not submerge technora leeshes into fuel.

In the event fuel is soaked into tethers put out flames and leave to evoporate fuel in tethers.

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