Indy Indymal Bubble Gun - Three Styles Available

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Quick overview

The Indymal gun is a super-fun way to make bubbles.

For the youngest of bubbleologists, IndyMal guns come in three different animal styles; Pigs, Cats and Frogs.

Each gun comes with two bottles of premium, ready-to-use bubble solution.

Simply load up, pull the trigger and watch the bubbles fly.

No batteries required!

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Brand Indy
RRP £4.99
Weight 0.25kg

Indymal Guns are developed by Indy for young bubble performers.

Whether you're blowing bubbles at home or in the park, these simple-to-use bubble machines will let young bubble performers create a stream of bubbles with the pull of a trigger.

Each Indymal gun comes supplied with two bottles of ready-to-use solution.

Available in three different animal styles, including Pig, Cat and Frog!

These guns can be quickly loaded with a bottle of Indy ready-to-use bubble solution - simply screw in a bottle and start pumping the trigger. Within seconds, beautiful bubbles will be pouring out from the Indymal.

No batteries required!

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