Inside3 Legends Series Handheld Labyrinth Puzzle - The Castle

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JWS  is proud to offer the latest labyrinth puzzle series from Inside3. This range of handheld puzzles are manufactured in France and feature beautifully crafted environments and narrative-driven solving experiences - as well as their signature hidden layers, asking players to solve through map reading and intuition. 

The first and easiest puzzle in the Legend series is The Castle. Players must steer ËGALL (the ball) through a collapsing castle to steal treasure - and exit the castle post-haste. On the way, players must navigate narrow paths, avoid traps and carefully choose which of the bottom layer, hidden routes to take. 

Inside3 have developed a ranking system based on speed solving. Can players complete the puzzle quick enough to ascend through the ranks of Knight, King and Champion and earn the decorative stickers? 

All Legend series puzzles are manufactured in France and are supplied in beautiful hang-pack packaging with euro slot. Each game is the size of a mobile phone - perfect to unleash the big adventure in your pocket! 

Prices are restricted to registered users

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Brand Inside3
Sub-Brand Legends Series
RRP £8.99
Weight 0.1kg

With "The CASTLE of lost treasure" Inside3 ask players to go in search of one of treasures in the rubble of a ruined castle. To successfully complete your quest, you will need skill , reflection and plenty of persistence. You will have to succeed in reaching the lost treasure, but above all in getting out of the castle. The outward journey will be easier than the return as traps a wait you on the path.

Players must navigate a wooden bridge, avoid traps which will force you to retrace your steps (and drive you mad), locate sneak the right path, among 3 possible routes - all before you work out the return journey! To reach the treasure room you will have to pass a last test, the “Forbidden Room”. A room in the basement that you will have to pass in the dark, blind, without guidance!
Observant players will find a secret plan of this room just before the bridge. It will allow you to reach the staircase which will lead you to the Treasury. It will also be vital in planning your escape of the dark and dangerous castle. The map will also allow you to discover shortcuts and the secret passage.

Legend Games can be played SOLO or SEVERAL:
- Solo : try to go back and forth, in and out, in less than 2 minutes and faster and faster to gain ranks and become "KING".
- Several : Play with friends - each player draws their Legend maze launches in to a speed solve Battle. May the fastest win!

Stickers (supplied with each Legend):
In solo or in Battles, you can monitor your progress and improvements by gaining ranks. Stick the proof of your exploits on the back of your Legend!

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