Inside3 Legends Series Handheld Labyrinth Puzzle - The Crypt

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This is the hardest puzzle offering from inside3 as part of the Legend series. The Crypt is a handheld puzzle experience for youngsters and adults. No bigger than a mobile phone, these are big adventures that fit right in your pocket. Whilst the Ninja and Castle puzzles relied on some deft balancing and obstacle negotiation, the Crypt comes with four puzzling hidden chambers. Players must navigate above ground as well as below ground, relying on their motor skills and map reading skills. Each puzzle is manufactured in France to exceptionally high standards. The Legend range represents an exciting new direction for the French puzzle masters as they employ richer storytelling and narrative-based play, coupled with intense competitive play options and a simple way to track a player's improvements and progress via stickers. Legend games are supplied in smart hang packs with euro slots.

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Brand Inside3
Sub-Brand Legends Series
RRP £8.99
Weight 0.1kg

The Crypt adventure is the most difficult of the three Legends games from Inside3.Unlike the Ninja and Castle, this labyrinth puzzle is less focused on dexterity and more focussed on complex maze networks. In order to enter the crypt (and escape again) players must first unlock the secrets of the four map hieroglyphics. Without map reading skills you'll be stuck at the bottom of the cemetery forever. And that's not so cool.

For this pocket-sized adventure, players become Eraull the vampire killer, who has expertly drawn by graphic artist Laurel. With a complex back story involving being raised by a couple of bats, Eraull can't stand to be associated with his father and mother with evil beings. Eraull has killed all the vampires... except this last one!
Now he must explore the 4 crypts of this cemetery. Players must face the Gullies, avoid the traps, read the plans and cross each of the underground crypts in the total blind darkness. Keep an eye out for shortcuts and the secret passage to save time and reach the last crypt before the first lights of the day appear....

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