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Juggle Dream LED Juggling Club

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Quick overview

Each club comes with one remote control and one USB-C charging cable.

An extra free three-prong USB-C charging cable for every three clubs you buy.

  • 12 colors
  • 366 modes switching between colors
  • 6 levels of speed (adjustable)
  • 9 Brightness levels (adjustable)

    Please Note that these are sold Individually - if you require three, please purchase three pieces.

  • Prices are restricted to registered users

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    SKU GLO-023
    Brand Juggle Dream
    RRP £49.99
    Weight 0.22kg

    Product Listing: LED Color-Changing Light Clubs

    Elevate your entertainment and create mesmerizing light displays with our LED Color-Changing Light Clubs. Each club is a stunning fusion of technology and artistry, offering a spectacular visual experience. Perfect for performers, enthusiasts, and party hosts, these clubs bring a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere to any occasion.


    • Each club comes with one remote control and one USB-C charging cable for convenient operation and power supply.
    • Enjoy an extra free three-prong USB charging cable for every set of three clubs you purchase.
    • Choose from a captivating palette of 12 colors to match your mood or theme.
    • Explore an astounding 366 modes, effortlessly switching between colors to suit any ambiance.
    • Tailor your display with 6 adjustable levels of speed, allowing you to set the perfect pace.
    • Adjust the brightness to your liking with 9 levels of brightness control.


    • Colors: 12 colors available
    • Modes: 366 color-switching modes
    • Speed: 6 adjustable levels
    • Brightness: 9 adjustable levels
    • Power: USB-C rechargeable
    • Dimensions: Length - [Insert Length], Diameter - [Insert Diameter]

    Please Note:
    These LED Color-Changing Light Clubs are sold individually. If you desire a set of three, kindly purchase three individual pieces. This ensures you receive the additional free three-prong USB charging cable.


    • Individual Club: $XX.XX
    • Set of Three Clubs (with bonus charging cable): $XX.XX

    Package Includes:

    • 1x LED Color-Changing Light Club
    • 1x Remote Control
    • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
    • Bonus: Additional USB Charging Cable (with purchase of three clubs)

    Turn any space into an immersive wonderland with our LED Color-Changing Light Clubs. Elevate your artistic performances, energize your events, and captivate your audience with stunning visual effects. Embrace the magic of light today!

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