MKS Indoor Rubber Unicycle Pedals

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What MKS don't know about pedals probably isn't worth knowing - founded in 1943, they've been producing bespoke, custom and speciality pedals for a long time. These Rubber pedals have been designed for indoor riding. They won't scratch up the floor and provide a good amount of grip. Sold as a pair and highly recommended for freestyle unicycling.
Brand Qu-Ax
RRP £21.99
Weight 0.315kg

  • MKS have a reputation for creating high quality pedals for all disciplines of cycling including NJS/Keirin, MTB and road riding. This specific pair was designed for the competitive world of freestyle unicycle tricking riding. Designed to be appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, these pedals are tough but will not leave marks on gymnasium floors or similar surfaces. The motion/rotation is exceptionally smooth. Each pedal is made in Japan to the highest standards possible. These pedals are a composite construction from Plastic and Rubber. This makes them tough, rigid, light and responsive - but also soft around the edges to avoid damage to floors and body parts that come in to contact with the pedals during freestyle riding. Supplied as a pair of pedals with Universal Standard interface in the threading - these will fit all brands of unicycle but please pay attention to the clear L and R markings to ensure they are screwed in to the correct crank.

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