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  • New Website

    We would like to introduce you to our new website!

    We've been working on this for a while, and we think we're ready!

    Some features we're sure you'll enjoy:
    An improved checkout
    A new, mobile friendly theme
    Better search
    Faster and more secure

    Your account on the old website should work as normal, and any orders up until 1st October have been imported.

    If you still have orders pending on the old website, or wish to check your full order history, you can do this at:


    Any questions or feedback on the new site? Please don't hesitate to contact us

  • Bank Details

    Update Your Bank Records

    Please note that as of 27th March 2018 JWS Europe Ltd has new USD and EURO bank account details. If you order through this B2B platform and make payments via Bank Transfer it will be necessary to update your records. Please contact your sales rep to discuss these details further.

  • Trade Show Season 2018

    Trade Show Calendar 2018

    With the busy Christmas season behind us, the JWS Europe team has begun looking forward to the upcoming trade shows in our 2018 calendar. This year we will be exhibiting at more shows than ever before.

    In Q1 - 2018 you can find us:

    23rd January - 25th January - The UK Toy Fair (Main Hall - B96)

    Read More Here

    31st - 4th February - The Nurnberg Toy Show (Hall 7 - F-01)

    Read More Here

    As some of the busiest and exciting dates in the industry, we know our customers need to plan their schedules carefully. We encourage all customers, both existing partners and new clients, to contact us and arrange an appointment in advance. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • July 2017

    New Summer Product Lines

    With Summer well and truly upon us, we're happy to announce the launch of some exciting new lines on www.jugglingwholesale.com. We have expanded our range of Duncan Toys to include a variety of the metal bodied models currently being used by their worldwide pro-team. If you're interested in offering premium yo-yo models at the cutting edge of performance, materials and design look no further than the Orbital, Pandamonium and Barracuda.

    Our V-Cube catalogue has been expanded to include a variety of the fun V-Collections series, which pay tribute to master artists of the past, wildlife from around the world and some of the craziest puzzle combinations we've seen. Have a look at our full range here. We also took delivery of the 9 x 9 Pillow - a truly amazing piece of engineering and design - a must for any fans of complicated puzzles!

    Flype is a fun new addition to our Summer catalogue also. Each Flype Pod contains a set of 3 Flypes - specially crafted pieces of plastic which spin on your finger tip as if by magic. With hundreds of tricks to learn and a pocket-moeny price point, these are ideal impulse purchase items. Have a look at our video mounted CDUs which really allow the range to come alive in your store. 

    Qualatex did professional balloon modellers around the world a favour this month with the release of the Q-Pak. These smart little bags hold your favourite 260Q selections upright and easily accessible - perfect for the working balloon artist. Priced competetively and still the same fantastic, latex balloons. 


  • March 2017

    Exciting New Toys & Clever Brain Puzzles

    Yes, Spring is here...well nearly. We've stocked up on a bunch of exciting new toys to see you through the last of the bad weather, including a wild and weird selection of puzzles from the clever brains at Moyu - well worth checking out for fans of hand-held puzzles!

    For Club Jugglers we have a whole new reason to get excited in the form of the new PX4 range for the clever designers over at Play. Using a lighter, stiffer core in their amazing variety of club bodies has allowed them to make a range perfect for advanced jugglers.

    Light, agile, responsive and available in a mind-boggling selection of colours. The PX4 range is available in classic Quantum, Moulded Pirouette and Wrapped Handle Pirouette immediately. The Vegas range is available soon too. The new designs means Zero tape, staples or glue - just pure, well designed composite clubs!

    We're also very happy to announce that we are the exclusive European Distributors for the HyperSpin range of diabolos. If you're not familiar with the brand, these incredibly advanced diabolos were originally developed for the Taiwanese performance market, but we're happy to be able to offer them to re-sellers at margin-orientated prices. Officially the longest spinning diabolos in the world and undeniably gorgeous to look at, the full range is available to order now.

  • January 2017

    Happy New Year & Nuremberg Toy Fair

    A very happy new year to all of our customers - we hope that the Christmas season was successful for you in every way. As we cruise through the last part of Winter, our attention shifts to all the new ventures and products we have planned for 2017. An important date for your diary should be the Nürnberg Toy Fair. We will be exhibiting in our normal stand space - Hall 7, Stand F-01. We have new lines to show off, some exciting announcements and are very much looking forward to seeing all the attendees.

  • Last order Dates

    Holiday wishes & important dates

    The whole team at JWS Europe LTD would like to wish all our customers a happy and successful holiday season. Please find below important dates for the upcoming season:

    Last Day for UK Dispatch for order to be received before Christmas Day - 1pm GMT - 22nd December.

    Last Day for European and ROW shipments to be order to be received before Christmas Day - 1pm GMT - 19th December

    (Please note we will be able to offer expedited Global Courier services on request after this date).

    Opening Times for JWS:

    Friday 23rd - Open

    Saturday 24th - CLOSED

    Sunday 25th - CLOSED

    Monday - 26th - CLOSED

    Tuesday - 27th - CLOSED

    Wednesday 28th - Open

    Thursday 29th - Open

    Friday 30th - Open

    Saturday 31st - Closed

    Sunday 1st - Closed

    Monday 2nd - Closed

    Tuesday 3rd - Back to Normal Hours.

  • Autumn 2016

    Great Prices on Existing Product Lines

    Summer has been a busy time for JugglingWholesale, and as we move into Autumn we have some new products, and the same great prices on existing lines. New in is the Duncan Hornet Yo-Yo This was the model that saw Shinji Saito roar to victory in the 2014 International Yo-Yo contest - one of the most advanced looping (2A) yo-yos on the market

    Popular with flow artists is the new Juggle Dream Infinity Ring, The next generation in flow props, this mesmerising illusion ring works great with your favourite staff, contact ball or collapsible hoop props.

    For unicycles we have new Qu-Ax Tyres, including the huge 36inch King George!  

    As the nights are getting earlier and longer it is a great time for Spinning Fire.  The Gora Fire sword has shown to be a great hit with performers and spectators alike.

  • Summer 2016

    Summer Sizzlers, More Products Packed Than Ever Before

    Britain hasn't had a Summer like this in a while! The last 2 months have seen the JugglingWholesale team pack and dispatch more orders than ever before - the usual Summer Sizzlers like Aerobie, Frisbee and Rockets of course. But we've been lucky enough to stock up on some exciting new lines too.

    Luminart Poi - are some high-tech performance LED poi that come with a bunch of pre-set patterns for when you really need to stand out from the crowd. There's no other poi like this on the market and at this price point, they're proving to popular with advanced flow performers.

    In response to over-whelming demand, We picked up a larger range of American made Bicycle Cards - new graphics, new themes, new materials - but same effortless style and attention to detail throughout. Even the so-called 'Seconds' offer great value for Money.

    The other line that has everyone at JWS excited is the premium range of Crystal Clear Acrylic balls - These really are special. Unbeatable clarity, perfect roundness and completely without flaw. Highly recommended and built with margin in mind. On a business note, JugglingWholesale.com is now part of JWS Europe LTD alongside our sister supplier - RollingWholesale.com. If you have any questions regarding our services please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Spring 2016

    Balloon Modelling, Party Decoration & Skill Toys

    With Spring in Full Swing, JugglingWholesale.com are ushering in the promise of good weather with a bunch of exciting new brands. We're all very happy to announce that JugglingWholesale.com is an official distributor for the full Qualatex range of balloons. Balloon Modelling and Party Decoration has always come hand in hand with Skill Toys & Circus, so it makes sense that we would offer the full range of 160Q, 260Q and every other conceivable latex shape you care to imagine! Make sure you check the full range to see if balloons might be your next area of investment.

    JugglingWholesale.com has also picked up the latest skill toy lines from top USA yo-yo company Duncan, including their Quick Cube and their metal bodied Pro Series yo-yos including the Strix and the Torque - well worth checking out.

    Another neat addition to the JugglingWholesale.com range, particularly for prop manufacturers and modifiers is the range of Top Flight tape - these are some seriously fancy tapes, perfect for hoop and prop decoration. Featuring an assortment of Lens effects, sparkle and glow options, these tapes perfectly compliment our pre-existing Pro-Gaff range. 



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