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  • Christmas is nearly upon us

    LED Performances, The Poi Scene and Yo-Yo's

    Here at we're getting pretty excited about Christmas.
    Winter has been long, the office has been cold and the icy floor treacherous - all our hours spent on rolla bollas improving our balance seem to have been for nothing if our bruises are anything to go by.

    The nights have been too long as well and we've been looking for something to fill them. The K8 Prophecy Club has become our shining light this year. Its multiple functions, durability and brightness have made us remember how great LED performances can be. But there's also been budget friendly alternatives for trade customers and performers with an eye on their wallet this festive period. The Oddballs LED poi have been great sellers; the poi scene shows no sign of perishing and has finally spread from out of hippy campsites and into the mainstream.

    Exciting performances at this years Southern Regional Yo-yo Competetion, particularly in the X category, have also had us reaching for our Duncan Hayabusa SLs. Off-string never looked so good - and the rubber tips accomomodate (with a bounce) those times when you miss that catch...oh yeah, we did that on purpose.

    Happy shopping guys, as always, we're here to help and deck out your shop and societies this holiday - but don't leave it too late!

  • Juggling Wholesale Business as Usual!

    The Snow Don't Stop Us

    We've done it! Pats on the back all round because is open for business. Don't let the snow get you down this holiday season or feel like you're tied to the armchair. We've put together an enormous range of products from an array of reputable prop manufacturers that we're sure will keep your customers and workshop members active and thriving this Christmas. We've got amazing promotions for new customers, years of experience in the industry and an efficient team dedicated to exceptional customer service. If you think you might be entitled to a wholesale account with us, sign up and we'll get back to you. Put the kettle on, stoke the fire and have a browse! This Christmas is going to be a big one!

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