Ain't No Mountain High Enough

EJC Trends

Phew! Thats was EJC then. So much Juggling, so much bavarian sausage and a whole lot of exciting new things to take in. It was lovely to be in Germany though and we learnt a whole lot about Jugglers over the channel. The following rules pretty much summed up the week's trends:

Rule #1 - EVERYONE rides Qu-Ax Muni Unicycles.

Rule #2 - EVERYONE juggles white Pirouette Clubs 

Rule #3 - Those few that don't juggle white Pirouette Clubs spin Contact Poi

Easy! It was also a week for a lot of firsts: The first EJC in Munich, The first European person ever got a 3rd Dan rating in Kendama (congratulations Void) and the first ever poi routine was performed in the Gala show. Result.

Our exciting news this week comes with silicone coated, high-spec LED kits at either end. We are now the distributors of the fantastic Concentrate range from Australia. These performance-end staffs and poi kits offer incredible visibility through their innovative LED kits and quality construction. Arguably the best LED staffs in today's market, this selection will hopefully get your customers excited especially as the nights might start to get longer soon (shhh, don't say it).



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