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Autumn 2016

Great Prices on Existing Product Lines

Summer has been a busy time for JugglingWholesale, and as we move into Autumn we have some new products, and the same great prices on existing lines. New in is the Duncan Hornet Yo-Yo This was the model that saw Shinji Saito roar to victory in the 2014 International Yo-Yo contest - one of the most advanced looping (2A) yo-yos on the market

Popular with flow artists is the new Juggle Dream Infinity Ring, The next generation in flow props, this mesmerising illusion ring works great with your favourite staff, contact ball or collapsible hoop props.

For unicycles we have new Qu-Ax Tyres, including the huge 36inch King George!  

As the nights are getting earlier and longer it is a great time for Spinning Fire.  The Gora Fire sword has shown to be a great hit with performers and spectators alike.

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