End of Summer

Juggling Wholesale Improving Your Shopping Experience

Jugglingwholesale.com has had a make-over! We've been working hard to improve your shopping experience and deliver more information about products throughout the site. But we also had a great Summer - something of a rarity in England, but it was perfect weather for frisbees, outdoor juggling, and unicycling.

As things start to cool down we've got a few projects in the pipe-line to reveal. Play have been developing a new range of Hyrbid Juggling balls which draw on a selection of materials and designs to create awesome stage balls. Their growing selection really does show that there is an ideal ball out there for everyone.

New colour selections on the ever-popular Jester diabolo have made an appearance as well as new variations from the folks at Sundia. The Evo and Nimble are impressive and bound to be popular with the British diabolo scene.

Qu-Ax have also upgraded their larger wheel Muni to 27.5" to keep up with the current trends in Mountain-biking. Their latest release is a joy to ride and with much less weight gain than you'd expect...worth keeping an eye on for sure.


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