• New Product from V-Cube

    V-Cube, Addictive New Puzzle Product

    Yup, you guessed it - it's very, VERY difficult - but that doesn't mean it's not a lot of fun and very addictive. The V-Cube 5 x 5 x 5 carries all the usual hallmarks of quality construction associated with V-Cube products - exceptionally smooth rotations on all axis and a super fast, snappy response which makes it a favourite amongst speed-cubers the world over. This 5 x 5 x 5 variation is now in stock and ready for immediate dispatch to all skill toy and puzzle retailers. Made in the EU and supplied in very funky packaging. This will sit alongside your pre-existing cube and skill toy range perfectly.

  • Henrys Has Landed

    The Infamous Henrys Juggling Equipment

    That's right, the complete range of Henrys Juggling Equipment is now available to our registered retailers and wholesale customers. As of February 2015 you will be able to pick up some of the most famous juggling props in the entire world including the Pirouette club, The Henrys Circus Diabolo and the original Superior Ball. All Henrys products are carefully crafted and designed by a dedicated team in the heart of Germany. Great attention to detail is given in the performance and durability of their props - this is what makes them the choice of professional performers and serious enthusiasts the world over. 

    If you are interested in offering your customers the very best in performance level props have a look at our complete Henrys range or give us a call for more information. 

    We hope that the trade show season was succesful for all of our customers, and if you came to see us in either Birmingham or Germany - thank you!

  • Stick & Staffs

    Picasso Flower Stick

    Juggling Wholesale proudly presents the Juggle Dream Picasso flower stick, this is possibly the best made flower stick that we have seen. True to its name, each fiberglass center rod is hand painted with bright base colours and flashes of metallic colours on top. Both the flowerstick and handsticks (supplied) are covered with a super grippy silicon coating, capped with plastic ends and the psuede flowers give just the right amount of drag creating a very responsive feel.

    1.5M Big Burner KT Fire Staff

    1.5m Big Burner Fire staff. With a total burning surface of 90cm the amount of fire from this Kevlar is awesome! This is a performance staff intended only for experienced staff spinners. Specification: Wicks: 65mm Kevlar spirals with 100mm heads • Weight: 950g • Burning time: 3 to 5 min • Wooden end cores give excellent momentum. • No exposed metal on the wicks

    1M KT Fire Staff / 65mm wicks

    Light weight 1m KT Fire staff. The short length of this staff makes it ideal for children or double staff and throwing. The KT range all come fitted with sports racket grip, which absorbs sweat and provides insulation and padding. Specifications:  Wicks: 55 mm Kevlar • Weight: approx. 300g • Wooden end cores give excellent momentum and provide extra secure mounting points for the wicks. • No exposed metal on the wicks

    There are more Fire Staff in the range, including: 1.3m KT Fire Staff, 1.5m KT Fire Staff, Heavyweight 1.5m KT Fire Contact Staff


    Finally we now have the full stock of the Tri-its and we have just realeased the new colour PINK

    Tri-its are 4 corner, pyramid shaped bean-bags loosely filled with pellets. As the name suggests, tri-its are the perfect prop for 'trying' stuff out. Because of the way they splat on landing they're also perfect for doing neck and foot catches or balancing on your head. Tri-it bean bags are a great introduction to throwing and catching games as well as juggling. We've found that parents appreciate giving youngsters an inexpensive option before investing in some juggling balls. They're also perfect for circus workshops and team building exercises too. The pellets mean that these can be machine washed if they get dirty. Price is for one tri-It.

    Please note the Juggle Dream Thuds are available in all colours including Solid, White Theme, Black Theme and Beach.


    Kind Regards- Alex MWS

  • Sundia

    Sundia has arrived!



    The Sundia Fly diabolo is one of our most popular one-way diabolos and has been designed by the world class diabolist Ryo Yabe.
    It features a one way ball bearing axle (AKA clutch axle) which dramatically increases spin time. This system allows the diabolo to spin up to 20 times longer than a normal axle diabolo! This makes it ideal for learning new tricks as it gives you lots more time to think about trick combos.
    The plastic cups are weighted and balanced for an extremely consistent spin, while the wide ball bearing axle is perfect for long finger & stick grinds. The bright solid colour cups make this a good choice for stage performance.
    Ideal for multiple diabolo play and an excellent all-rounder for beginners and professionals alike!


    The stunning ''Triple Bearing'' Shining Diabolo from Sundia is the probably the best ball bearing diabolo money can buy!
    The "Shining" has a triple bearing axle design which gives outstanding performance, even compared with single bearing diabolos. The triple bearing system also has the major advantage of being almost completely silent (unlike single bearings).

    For those unfamiliar with one-way ball bearing axle (AKA clutch) diabolos. These diabolos are fitted with an axle that rotates only in one direction. The spinning speed is built up in the usual way but once up to speed, the diabolo spins on the internal bearing and is not slowed by the friction of the string. Combine these benefits with the stunning see-through cups & carbon fiber washers and this all adds up to a truly fantastic diabolo!

    Additional benefits of playing with a triple bearing diabolo:
    1. Allows you to pick up tremendous speeds which will give you more time to execute some of the more advance and technical moves.
    2. More bearings = less friction. A triple bearing diabolo will go almost twice as fast as single bearing diabolo.
    3.A wide Bearing axle will make your diabolo very stable at high speeds and is great for finger and stick grinds.


    The Sundia Sun Series diabolo is a rubber cupped, fixed axle diabolo with the same shape, feel and characteristics of the Fly Diabolo but with the increased durability of rubber cups for play on rough surfaces. The stainless steel axle is the same as the superior fixed fly set. Like the Fly, the Sun diabolo is stable, gains speed fast and is great for grinds.
    Weight = 290g (Metal Washer) or 275g (plastic washer)
    Diameter = 128mm
    Width = 142mm

  • Diabolos!

    Juggle Dream Typhoon

    Finally after over two years over research the Typhoon is here! Combining stunning looks and with outstanding performance this is a versatile new Jumbo sized diabolo from Juggle Dream. Whilst brilliant as a single diabolo, the Typhoon has several features which also help it excel at multiple diabolo play. The cups are designed to keep as much weight in the rims as possible. This increases stability at all speeds. At 240g it is heavy enough to be stable but not too tiring for running 2, 3 or more diabolos. The glossy, semi rigid translucent cups do not grab each other during collisions. Especially shaped concave hubs make for easier corrections.

    Juggle Dream Hurricane

    The Hurricane is a brand new Jumbo sized triple bearing diabolo from "Juggle Dream". The Hurricane is the result of over thee years research and development. Radically redesigned, the Hurricane features a new stronger axle, new cup profile & material plus beautiful new translucent colours. As with its little brother the “Cyclone”, the axle works like a one way screw driver except there are three internal bearings to give it tremendous speed. Due to its speed and the larger cups the Hurricane is incredibly stable at high speeds and will spin for up to twenty times longer than standard diabolos. This means that players have longer to prepare for tricks and can do longer multi trick sequences without out needing to stop and generate more spin. The wider axle also makes finger grinds and passes much easier. Highly recommended for all skill levels.

    Enjoy the spinning!

  • Slacklines!

    Marverick Slacklines

    Hi Guys,

                We now have the new Maverick Slacklines back in stock!  

    Improves fitness, focus, balance and strength
    As skateboarders and surfers Maverick started slack
    lining as a fun way to improve our balance, very quickly it
    has become a part of our lifestyle. We can just pull up to a spot, set the line up between two trees and get a session going - in a park, on the beach, over water
    , the possibilities are endless.


    Unit 2 
    Grange Industrial Estate.
    West Sussex
    BN42 4EN

    ..and our phone number is: 01273 597051.

  • Infinite Space

    Pro-Series Yo-Yo's

    The Pro-Series from Infinty have just dropped and, trust us, the hype is definitly justified. have just taken stock of the Katana, Voodoo and TX-10 models and we're all very impressed. These 3 yo-yos have been designed to meet the needs of advanced yo-yo players throughout the world - there seem to be more and more players pushing the sport/art/hobby than ever before and Infinity have made the skill toys to fit the bill. Each model sits at a slightly different, interesting price point meaning there's something for all budgets. The stylised designs, sleek branding and neat packaging make these very desirable stocking fillers this Christmas.  If your customers are 'splitting the atom' or performing tricks like 'The Matrix' or 'Pop n' Fresh' then these yo-yos should be high on their wants list. Also, check out the price breaks on box quantities - definitly worth getting excited about.

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