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Celebrate Good Times

The latest addition to the diabolo world - Cyclone Glaze

So the sun finally decided to show its face did it? Good job we topped up our supply of frisbees. The Dirty Disc range is now available in 5 colours with 2 different logos. Most importantly though its lots of fun, does the job well and gives other frisbees a run for their money.

With the start of Summer, Juggle Dream are also very happy to launch the Cyclone Glaze diabolo - the latest addition to the triple ball bearing family looks the business and is definitly diabolo royalty. It carrys a good margin, performs well and looks great on your toy shop shelf. 

For your more dangerous, fire performing customers, we now offer a fire breathing/spitting stick. A simple design, made from wood and foil but that is suitable for body burning as well as all other terrifying fire tricks (remember - only suitable for well-trained adults!).

Play launched their new GIGA poi recently and we took on a batch to get a feel for them - so far we're very impressed. The colour coordinated string looks really nice, the larger ball makes those contact/isolation tricks look lovely and they've now sunk the swivel inside the stage ball.

Indy have also let us get some hands on some extras to their unicycles - including ISIS cranks and spare saddles, giving you the oppurtunity to offer a more comprehensive range to your unicycling customers. They've also released the Indy 20" Trainer in a really cool Powder Black finish - we're sure this is going to be a best seller so get in early.

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