Circus Comes To Town

New Range of Incredible Fire Toys

Have you heard? The Circus is Coming to London town....well, sort of. These chaps are a little different to your run of the mill circus troupe. Keep it quiet but the Flying Karamavoz Brothers and their  phiolosophical, musical, comic circus performance is hitting the Vaudeville theatre this June. Very cheeky, early-bird tickets are available here. Expect dostoevsky influenced silliness and, of course, juggling.

Speaking of which...our range of quality products has exploded once again! We've got a new selection of wooden stilts, both simple and effective. Add that to our new range of hula hoops for kids, pro-hoopers, fire fanatics and people on the move and we've pretty much got it covered.

We're also stocking a range of incredible firetoys contact staffs with silicone grip and massive burners which feature some lovely craftmanship. Add this to our new line of sock poi (or slim poi) and you'll see that we've got it sussed as far as new products go. Enough to keep your customers on their toes and with big enough margins to keep you happy.

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