Family Affair

Juggle Dream Packed Range

Wow, we've been so busy over the last few weeks I haven't had a chance to update the blog. But what a few weeks it has been! exhibited in wonderful Nurnberg and 'glamorous' Birmingham giving us the pleasure of being able to meet lots of new people as well as our existing customers. Thank you everyone for taking the time to come and have a chat with us.

It seems unanimous that the biggest hit was the Juggle Dream packaged range - This series of balls and diabolos (with more to come) come in smart looking blister packs with multi-language instructions, DVDs and safety info - everything your customers need to get started in the amazing world of skill toys.

A late arrival for us was the 90mm stage ball from Play - these have quickly become our new favorite juggling ball. Lovely velvet feel, no stickiness and super-visual!

We've got fire fans back in stock, a nice big Play order to unpack and some new Face Paints to play with too - but more on that soon.

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