Winter in America, Summer in Europe

Just Juggling's Latest DVD

Summer in Europe indeed. Glastonbury got the obligatory mix of mud and blazing sunshine...not that we would know. We were too busy working on new props, toys and wonderful things for you and your customers. As always our entire range of wholesale juggling items are ready to be dispatched on a next day basis in the UK.

New to our catalogue we have the Firetoys Flower Stick - Strong, rigid and grippy they are an excellent addition to our always expanding range of devil and flower sticks.  

We're also excited to be distributors for Just Juggling's latest DVD endeavour. The Kid DVD Box Sets are the perfect addition to your shop counter. Imagine these boxes sitting comfortably beside your till, each containing a mix of poi, diabolo, ball juggling and yo-yo DVDs ready to be sold at pocket money prices to everyone in your shop. Something for everyone. 

If you are looking to purchase poi, diabolos, juggling equipment, kendamas, Hula Hoops or any other circus equipment wholesale please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. The EJC is nearly upon us and it looks like juggling is about to take off.  And don't worry, the revolution will be televised in full on


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