2011: A Juggling Odyssey

How to commute to work: ride a unicycle!

Well Christmas came and went pretty fast didn't it? The good news is that rather than the normal January lull, the whole world seems to be getting geared up with Juggling props. It must be all of those new year resolutions to get fit and healthy. I've even seen one chap unicycling to work in the mornings!

Shame he wasn't on the new Indy Trials Unicycle though. This behemoth of a unicycle has near tripled our respect for the Indy brand (and it was pretty high to begin with). Off-road tyre, DX pedals, freestyle forks and a saddle comfier than any public transport I've even been on. We're predicting a tsunami of new proffesional riders training themselves up on this bike. 

We're also happy to announce that we're offering dramatic discounts to schools. What better way to keep our youngsters fit? If you're thinking about investing money in some long lasting equipment for your school why not get in touch. Our team are happy to talk everything from budgets to safety advice and lesson plans.

What with it being the Birmingham Ballring Convention in a couple of weeks and the kendama loving crowd who regulary attend, you may want to have a look at the new instructional book we're stocking. Spike! Mastering the Kendama is one of the latest titles from the seemingly prolific Donald Grant and the enigmatic Void, two time British Kendama Champion. 

Oh, and we're still yo-yo crazy. The Infinity range has grown a little wider, with performance and affordability always at the top of their agenda. The Ultra Sonic and the Atlas Moth are both new members of the family, and we can't believe they weren't here all along; rocking our new born babies and walking our dog.

And how could I forget to mention Juggle Dream's new eight panel ball. Firm, tough and a thing of beauty. Forget all the other beanbags you've juggled before and brace yourself for an 8 panel revelation. As always, don't hesitate to get in touch, we're always up for a chat.

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