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Juggle Dream Typhoon

Finally after over two years over research the Typhoon is here! Combining stunning looks and with outstanding performance this is a versatile new Jumbo sized diabolo from Juggle Dream. Whilst brilliant as a single diabolo, the Typhoon has several features which also help it excel at multiple diabolo play. The cups are designed to keep as much weight in the rims as possible. This increases stability at all speeds. At 240g it is heavy enough to be stable but not too tiring for running 2, 3 or more diabolos. The glossy, semi rigid translucent cups do not grab each other during collisions. Especially shaped concave hubs make for easier corrections.

Juggle Dream Hurricane

The Hurricane is a brand new Jumbo sized triple bearing diabolo from "Juggle Dream". The Hurricane is the result of over thee years research and development. Radically redesigned, the Hurricane features a new stronger axle, new cup profile & material plus beautiful new translucent colours. As with its little brother the “Cyclone”, the axle works like a one way screw driver except there are three internal bearings to give it tremendous speed. Due to its speed and the larger cups the Hurricane is incredibly stable at high speeds and will spin for up to twenty times longer than standard diabolos. This means that players have longer to prepare for tricks and can do longer multi trick sequences without out needing to stop and generate more spin. The wider axle also makes finger grinds and passes much easier. Highly recommended for all skill levels.

Enjoy the spinning!

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