Major news this March...

Record Breaking with Tony Frebourg & Juggle Dream

New Typhoon and Hurricane videos!!

Five High & The Eye - Tony Frebourg (world record holder and Cirque du Soliel diabolist) and Ronnie Slowinski (Diabolo prodigy and UK record holder) have collaborated with Juggle Dream to produce a stunning new video. Tony performs his world record breaking five diabolo in high throws using Juggle Dream Typhoons and Ronnie shows off his four low (with tricks!!).
The Juggle Dream Typhoon was designed specifically with multiple Diabolo in mind. The flexible gloss cups help to prevent the diabolos grabbing during collisions and the narrow steel axle, with specially stepped hub lip, help align the Typhoons during both high and low mulitple diabolo play. Tony Frebourg told us the Typhoon is fast becoming his favourite diabolo.

Insane Vertax combos - Eric Levillon, French Vertax master shows the versatility of the Juggle Dream Hurricane to full effect with his totally unique multi-plane vertax combo tricks.
The Triple bearing axle on the Hurricane dramatically increases spin time which allows extended trick sequences. Combine this with the ability to change from vertical to horizontal play in one trick, and the possibilities are endless.
If you have the means to play this video, instore or through your website, every diaboloist who sees it will be wanting to try a Hurricane.

New Typhoon and Hurricane price breaks

In conjunction with release of these videos we are adding 2 new volume breaks to the pricing of both models. The Typhoons are now also priced lower to make them more attractive to the Diaboloist looking to buy multiple diabolo sets.

Coloured 'Ali Dream' Aluminium Handsticks
Now available in four new colours! All new colours include an engraved Juggle Dream Logo.
'Ali Dream' diabolo hand sticks are one of the corner stones of the Juggle Dream range. If you're a part of the current diabolo craze and hearing the words 'metal sticks' everywhere you go - these are the sticks they're talking about.

As always our site shows everything we carry and has live stock levels, so everything you see is in our Brighton warehouse and available for immediate delivery (next day delivery for UK customers). We have great shipping rates into Europe and excellent new deals for shipping to the USA and Southern Hemisphere, so please get in touch for details. If you have any questions or need any help please drop us a line at [email protected]

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