Hot for July!

New in for July: The Targit Booster

This month we are pleased to announce the arrival of some exciting new  toys and the return of some familiar favourites.


New in... 

'Targit Booster' howling rocket set.
Inspired by the Vortex 'Howler' throwing toy, the Targit Booster rocket & rod set is a fun and safe way for friends to throw rockets at each other. This set includes 2 rods with EVA handles and a strong (but not hard!) projectile which, with a little practise, can be thrown well over 40m with great accuracy. The rocket makes a howling sound as it flies through the air to make it even more exciting - supplied in a smart presentation box. This rocket set is mainly used by adults and teenagers but can also be enjoyed by younger children.

Juggle Dream 'Ali Dream' coloured aluminium hand sticks.
Now available in Gold!!
Coloured 'Ali Dream' diabolo hand sticks are one of the corner stones of the Juggle Dream range. The stylish polished anodised aluminium shafts are not only strong but allow some great grinding possibilities with your diabolo. If you're a part of the current diabolo craze and hearing the words 'metal sticks' everywhere you go - these are the sticks they're talking about. Their weight makes them perfect for stick release tricks and the foam handles make them a dream to hold. Now with engraved 'Juggle Dream' Logo on the shaft. Available in red, blue, green, purple and gold.

Qu-ax V200 adult Pogo stick
The V200 Adult Pogo stick from Qu-Ax offers hours of jumping fun for adults. This pogo stick is CE certified and ready for use straight out of the box. Adults up to 80kg (just over 12 and a half stone) can perform tricks and enjoy some old skool silliness. 
Key Features:

  • Factory-lubed, sealed internal spring system with 2 springs and elastomer damping
  • Solid steel tube construction. Welded handles and foot platforms
  • Replaceable rubber feet.
  • Suitable up to 80 kg

Back by popular demand, and better than ever! 

Lunar spin Diabolo V2
The new Juggle Dream Lunar spin V2  boasts an upgraded, extra wide, metal axle which improves stability & grind times and the redesigned transparent cups maximise the effects of the LED kits. Great for night time LED antics 
The attached LED kits replace the nuts on each end of the axle and weigh so little that there is no negative effect on performance. Each kit is fitted with 3 powerful  LEDs (1/red, 1/green and 1/blue). 
Supplied with 4 x LR44 Batteries.
A set of batteries will give up to 4 hours glow.

Cyclone Classic
It's called the 'Classic' for a reason. The Cyclone Classic was the first triple bearing diabolo made by Juggle Dream and it proved so popular, it's still in production today. The Classic Cyclone uses a sophisticated axle fitted with 2 ring bearings and a central cylinder bearing. These allow exceptionally long spin times compared to conventional fixed axle diabolos. The Classic Cyclone is suitable for total beginners, those wanting to graduate to their first bearing diabolo or even advanced diaboloists. 
The 2014 model has been re-released with upgraded TPU cups. These are much tougher than the originals and will handle constant drops from even the highest throws.

Qu-ax Adjustable stilts
New and improved! Adjustable aluminium stilts from German unicycle makers Qu-Ax.
These are stronger than wooden versions and lots of fun. Ideal for workshops!
Key features:

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Fold-able footrests & telescopic uprights for easy storage
  • Comfortable foam rubber grips & tough rubber feet
  • Adjustable in several steps up to 1.60m. Footrest height is adjustable up to 30 cm
  • Quick release adjustment

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