Come On Spring

Juggle Dream Sabre Edge Knives

Come On Spring! It can't be that hard to show us some sunshine. We all want to go outside and play with the new Juggle Dream Sabre Edge knives. These knives come with a sinister looking, blunt blade as well air cushioned handles for comfortable catches. Watch out though; The tips will leave dents in your coffee table. As soon as the weather sorts itself out, we're going outside with a set of three and a selection of footbags.

There's plenty of other things to get excited about though product wise. We've got our new budget bean bags in stock. Very slightly smaller than thuds, but a fraction of the price. Good stitching, nice beach colours and friendly on the pocket. Pocket Money prices but prop shop quality. 

And we haven't even mentioned the new Juggle Dream Club yet! The Euro Classic has...well...classic euro decoration, black tape and heavy duty rubber knobs and heads. Great introductory club, medium spin and very versatile. 

We've got a few more treats up our sleeves too but I'm afraid youre going to have to wait a few more days for some more details. We've got a couple of big brand shaped eggs to take under our wholesale shaped wing...just watch this space. As always we're working hard to provide trade customers with products THEY can make money with. 

Questions? Just drop us an e-mail! : [email protected]

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