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A Big Year For Juggling

Its been a really busy few weeks for the whole team at We've had to stock up on more items in the last month than in any other point in our distributing history. But November and Winter are well and truly here - finally we feel like we're comfortably stocked to handle Christmas 2012. We're sure it is going to be a big year for all of the toy shops, websites and retailers we've been working with. All our key lines are stacked up to the ceiling and we've also come to realise that we might need a new HQ in 2013!

Diabolos look set to be THE activity toy for the holidays this year and the range shows there's something for everyone, at every price point. We've made sure that we're fully stocked on sticks, string, DVDs and accessories. Long time favourites the Big Top and Little Top are back too. We've also taken on a more diverse selection of the Duncan range, knowing that these are great stocking-fillers and margin friendly. Infinity yo-yos have really pushed their game forward as well, introducing some plush packaging across the range as well as leaking us rumours of a new selection of metal bodied yo-yos (we've played them and we're excited).

If you're in need of a display solution to your Aerobie stock you should also have a look at our 'flight centres' - these are ideal for busy shop environments and let you show off your full range of discs, rings and orbiters. Best of all though, it is free! get in touch with us for more details. is geared up to supplying your shop this holiday season. No matter where you are in the world, if you're excited about selling skill toys that motivate the body and mind as well as improving coordination, drop us an e-mail and see what we could do for you. Our props are designed to be thrown, dropped, spun and caught - put simply they're built for play! Want some more proof that playing with skill toys leads to success? - check this link here

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