Keep On Keeping On

Juggling Props & Skill Toys for All Budgets

At we've always endeavoured to bring our trade customers a big selection of exciting juggling props and skill toys for all budgets. We know that the items that sell all year round are those staple circus props that anyone can try and, most importantly, anyone can use and have fun with. It felt about time that we introduced some budget friendly Devil Sticks to our selection. The Stunt Stick is the only Devil Stick we stock to come complete with handsticks and is ideal for learning tricks and getting a feel for what is a really fun hobby. Importantly though, the set retails at less than a tenner and offers retailers a healthy margin.

Likewise, the new Glitter Rings from Juggle Dream are provided as a set of 3 (everything a budding ring juggler needs) and offer a great margin. These rings look and feel proffesional. They are a great prop and always a popular circus staple.

For those retailers who are supplying the growing burlesque and fire performing scene, we can now offer 3 different pairs of stylish black fire fans ideal for those dangerous and mysterious vaudeville acts. These fans have been beautifully made and some of the most affordable to cross our paths.

Our UK warehouse is as full with props as its ever been - is geared up to supplying toy shops, bike specialists and skill toy retailers on a next working day basis. If you're looking for something new and interesting for your store why not get in touch with us - you could be stocking that toy you've been looking for sooner than you think.

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