Red September

Poi Spinning in campsites across Europe

It seems that September has always been a funny time for toy shops - Summer ending and Christmas still a few months away. But at we believe that just because the days are getting shorter it doesn't mean your skill toy and juggling prop sales should slow.

The Olympic Games 2012 saw a big surge in popularity with rhythmic gymnastic props - a trend that looks set to continue as youngsters get inspired about athletics. Our gymnastic balls and packaged ribbons should fit the bill.

Festival season is nearly over but a whole new audience got interested in poi spinning in campsites around Europe. What starts with learning a basic weave can become a serious infatuation. stocks an extensive poi range including new socks and tail poi from Juggle Dream.

Our range of Glow Props and toys is ideal for the longer nights too. Our personal favourite is the Skylighter by Aerobie - a really fun LED frisbee that it is almost impossible to lose in the bushes.

We've also sourced some exciting new fire props for the coming weeks which we're pretty excited about - in fact you could say we're real 'fans'...(sorry, but you'll see what we mean soon enough!)
Fire props need to be of the highest quality to be safe - whilst fire fanatics normally expect to pay a premium, the 45mm Channel Fire Poi that Juggle Dream have just made are long lasting, good quality and ideal for beginners. Most importantly though they retail for just under £20 GBP making them one of the most affordable sets of fire poi on the market. 

That sounds like plenty to feel optimistic about!

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