The Shipping Forecast

Wholesale Requirements Met Quickly

Time for the shipping forecast from We're gearing up for Christmas already and know our trade customers are doing the same. Sales are predicted to rise rapidly and severe gales are expected as children, parents and jugglers rush your shop doors and storm barriers. We know this means you want your wholesale requirements met quickly. Well we've got it covered. We're also very excited to offer our new shipping deal. Any purchase of 3000 x £ & € OR 5000 x $ (US, Canadian or Australian) will receive half price shipping. That's right, we'll pay half your shipping costs!

With new products like the Juggle Dream LED Flower Stick and Fire Devil Stick these long nights are going to be illuminated nicely.  We've also got our new range of Sport Balls for all the WJF and numbers fanatics out there. Plus some rather exciting Giant Penny Farthings from Qu-Ax which will fit nicely in your giant stockings beside the chocolate coins and citrus fruit...well sort of.


This half price shipping offer is for a limited time only so take advantage while you can. if you have any questions please get in touch!

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