Skill Toy Spring

Exciting New Brands Hitting The Shelves!

Looks like Spring 2015 is going to be all about skill toys, with a host of exciting brands hitting our shelves. These are props to challenge the mind, train your reflexes and refine your style. If you've ever spoken to the team you'll know we love yo-yos (a few of us may even admit to sleeping with one beneath our pillow) so it's with a lot of pride we add some key Yomega lines to our roster. These plastic body models are the perfect entry level yos for budding champs. From the Firestorm to the famous Brain, these are deisgned to get kids twirling and looping in no time. 

We're also excited to announce the launch of V-Cube. Whilst these pocket puzzles might look simple, they are in fact unique bits of engineering. Patented technology and a whole lot of design has gone in to these 'cubes', designed specifically for the speed-solving scene but enjoyable for everyone with hands and an appetite for puzzles!

PaddleBoards have been a toy-chest staple for years now. The designers of the Para2 range just overhauled the whole concept with a bunch of exciting innovations that made us remember how fun a toy it can really be. From the ball to the paddle shape, plenty of thought has gone in to the Para2 range and we're confident that these are going to be a hit with youngsters. 

We've also taken delivery of the Nerf Vortex Howler - one of our favourite throwing toys of all time and a nice selection of Astro-Jax. Astro-Jax are a simple skill toy with near-infinite possibilities. Our V-Max combo comes with a trick CD and is perfectly tuned, ready to rock straight out the box. 

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