The Rite Of Spring

Skill Toys of 2012

The times, they are a ... becoming very different. Luckily we're working hard to stay ahead of the trends in the modern skill toy industry. We've been working hard to develop a series of products which keep up with those innovative, creative and enthusiastic youngsters who are keeping the juggling scene alive, both in your shop and in the streets. The new generations of the Cyclone Quartz and the Hurricane not only look lovely but are facilitating some of the most advanced, multi-trick diabolo styling we've ever seen. Triple Ball Bearing centres, glossy cups and unbeatable prices are already making these models stand out as some of the skill toys of 2012...and its only March!

For the more adventurous performer we are stocking the second generation of the sabre edge knife - a little less sharp than gen. 1, but lots stronger and safer. This is going to be a real winner with performers this Summer.

Often a product comes along which is a real game changer - we feel this way about the Concentrate fire staffs, of which we have the full range of colours and sizes in stock. Fantastic construction, portable and aircraft grade aluminium make these one of the most inventive fire props we've ever seen.

In yo-yo news, the range of Infinity yo-yos now comes in sleek looking packaging and we've dropped our Henrys prices! A note to all our customers - Both Easter and the BJC are nearly among us - that means more people getting out from their Winter blues and getting excited by juggling than any other time of the year. 

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