Stick & Staffs

Picasso Flower Stick

Juggling Wholesale proudly presents the Juggle Dream Picasso flower stick, this is possibly the best made flower stick that we have seen. True to its name, each fiberglass center rod is hand painted with bright base colours and flashes of metallic colours on top. Both the flowerstick and handsticks (supplied) are covered with a super grippy silicon coating, capped with plastic ends and the psuede flowers give just the right amount of drag creating a very responsive feel.

1.5M Big Burner KT Fire Staff

1.5m Big Burner Fire staff. With a total burning surface of 90cm the amount of fire from this Kevlar is awesome! This is a performance staff intended only for experienced staff spinners. Specification: Wicks: 65mm Kevlar spirals with 100mm heads • Weight: 950g • Burning time: 3 to 5 min • Wooden end cores give excellent momentum. • No exposed metal on the wicks

1M KT Fire Staff / 65mm wicks

Light weight 1m KT Fire staff. The short length of this staff makes it ideal for children or double staff and throwing. The KT range all come fitted with sports racket grip, which absorbs sweat and provides insulation and padding. Specifications:  Wicks: 55 mm Kevlar • Weight: approx. 300g • Wooden end cores give excellent momentum and provide extra secure mounting points for the wicks. • No exposed metal on the wicks

There are more Fire Staff in the range, including: 1.3m KT Fire Staff, 1.5m KT Fire Staff, Heavyweight 1.5m KT Fire Contact Staff


Finally we now have the full stock of the Tri-its and we have just realeased the new colour PINK

Tri-its are 4 corner, pyramid shaped bean-bags loosely filled with pellets. As the name suggests, tri-its are the perfect prop for 'trying' stuff out. Because of the way they splat on landing they're also perfect for doing neck and foot catches or balancing on your head. Tri-it bean bags are a great introduction to throwing and catching games as well as juggling. We've found that parents appreciate giving youngsters an inexpensive option before investing in some juggling balls. They're also perfect for circus workshops and team building exercises too. The pellets mean that these can be machine washed if they get dirty. Price is for one tri-It.

Please note the Juggle Dream Thuds are available in all colours including Solid, White Theme, Black Theme and Beach.


Kind Regards- Alex MWS

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