Summer in the Big Top Tent

The Big Top: Quality, with great balance, Diabolo

Time for something special from Juggle Dream. The Big Top has long been a staple diabolo in the range - it uses a large, versatile shape with great balance and quality components. For Summer 2015, the team at Juggle Dream have souped up the design with a single bearing system, ideal for extended trick play for beginners. For those making the transition to technical diabolo, the Big Top Bearing diabolo could be the way forward. Available in 2 smart colours, with a range of professional kits included. 

We're also delighted to be able to offer BendyWicks to our customers. These simple wick attachments are made to high standards in the UK and allow fire hoop enthusiasts to modify they're favourite hoop. 
As well as this, we've got a bunch of great new whips in stock, some brilliant UV party paints perfect for Summer/Festival season, and the opportunity to create your own customised Henry's Clubs. It's looking to be a fun Summer!




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