Oddballs Juggling Balls | Oddballs Bouncer Ball 55mm

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This is the brand new oddballs bouncer - revamped after 30 years, originally designed in 1986. The new Oddballs Bouncer is officially the highest bouncing ball in Europe, out-bouncing all its competitors. Every ball bounces to exactly the same height making number bouncing a lot easier. It is also ideal for bouncing tricks where you wish the ball to bounce more than once. The new Oddball Bouncer is currently made in 55mm, again making it ideal for numbers. As with the original Oddballs bouncer each ball is made with an individual colour swirled with White. Highly recommended. Price is for one ball.

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Brand Oddballs
RRP £5.99
Weight 0.095kg

This is the 55mm version of the original Oddball Bouncer! Designed and made by Oddballs, this is the ultimate bounce juggling ball with almost 100% rebound on a suitable surface. They come in a variety of swirly colours including white with green, red, blue and orange. The balls have a very subtle line around the centre, but certainly not enough to affect performance. These balls are made from rubber so the temperature you practice or perform in may influence the bounce ration. There may be some very slight difference in bounce from ball to ball, but in our opinion, they still out perform a lot of expensive bounce balls and are great for the price. <b>Price is for one ball.</p>

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