Trompos Space Jupiter Spinning Top - Roller Tip

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The Jupiter from Trompos Space is a highly engineered trick spinning top. Made from a robust yet sleek plastic and manufactured in Spain, this model comes mounted with a bearing roller tip to help players perform complex trick sequences. the lid can be removed allowing players to stash their launcher and string when not playing and there's an internal weight mechanism which can be adjusted, allowing players to tweak their Jupiter spinning performance. 

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Brand Trompos Space
RRP £19.99
Weight 0.1kg

The Jupiter is an awesome performance orientated spinning top from the team at Trompos Space. Manufactured in Spain to high standards, this acrobatic spinning top is developed from a super-strong plastic designed to withstand everyday use on any surface. The Jupiter is over-sized compared to other Trompos Space tops, so not only acts as an ideal performance prop, but is easier to catch in launching tricks and easier to gauge in speed. As with the complete Trompos Range, the Jupiter has a 'dimple' on the top cap which means that stacking tops can be achieved by a Spinning Top pro! The aerodynamic shape, cool graphics and responsivity make this an ideal Spinning Top to start your trick progression. The Jupiter uses an exagerrated, professional design built for impact and modern trick play. This Jupiter is mounted with a Roller tip to facilitate advanced, prolonged trick sequences and technical string play. Supplied with launching ring and string - ready to play within seconds! These extra tools are stored inside the top itself and accessed by the quick release casing. 

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