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Uncle Bubble Bubble Concentrate Solution 378 Millilitres (12 Fluid Ounce) Make 3.78 litres of Bubble Solution for Giant Bubble Wands, Bubble Machines, Bubble blowers

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Quick overview

    ✦SECRET BUBBLE MIX - used by Guinness World Record holders to create long-lasting giant bubbles 

    ✦STRONG BUBBLE SOLUTION Uncle Bubble makes bubbles that are less likely to pop 

    ✦HIGH QUALITY and SAFE BUBBLE SOLUTION Non-toxic bubble concentrate tested to the highest standard 

    ✦BIG VALUE - make much more bubble solution with Uncle Bubble Concentrate 

    ✦FANTASTIC for families, schools, youth groups, performers and professional bubble artists

EAN 5052838024647
Brand Uncle Bubble
RRP £9.99
Weight 0.418kg

Uncle Bubble Performance & Party Supplies. JWS has exclusive European distribution rights to the Uncle Bubble product range. This listing is for the 12 oz - 1:9 Concentrate.

The 1:9 concentrate from Uncle Bubble is exclusively available from JWS Europe. This super-strong formula allows bubbleologists to easily travel from gig to gig, mix solution as needed and create breathtaking bubbles. Uncle Bubble is world renowned for its bubble formula characteristics. Uncle Bubble makes elastic, long-lasting, resilient (even under testing conditions like air-conditioned rooms or sunny days) bubbles that are great for performers and amateurs alike. Using this bottle, bubbleologists can create an amazing 3.78 litres of liquid. This bubble liquid must be diluted in accurate measurements - a stronger liquid does not mean a better liquid!

This special concentrate formula has been a secret tool of the bubbleologist trade for many years, and we are very happy to introduce this incredible liquid to our retailers for the first time. This Bubble Concentrate product from Uncle Bubble gives you 378 milliliter (12 fluid ounce) bubble mixture concentrate. Mixing with water at a 1:9 ratio to create 3.78 litres of transparent bubble solution. Just add one part of Uncle Bubble bubble mixture to nine parts water to create long-lasting bubbles. The solution can then be used with any of your favourite bubble-making toys.

The Uncle Bubble 1:9 concentrate creates breathtaking bubbles with superb characteristics; versatility, clarity, strength and longevity all make this formula perfect for intricate sculpture work and larger bubble tubes. This 12 oz (0.37 litre) bottle will allow uses to make an amazing 3.78 litres of world class formula, compatible with all Uncle Bubble and Indy Bubble tools and guns. This intense concentrate is perfect for travel, being very portable - and ideal for mail order too! 

Uncle Bubble liquids are manufactured and marketed in compliance with BS EN71 toy safety standards. CE stamped.

Safety Warning

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with running water. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs.

Do not drink bubble solution - Not intended for consumption. If accidentally swallowed drink plenty of water immediately. In the event of continued discomfort consult your doctor.

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