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Uncle Bubble Concentrate 944 Mililitres (32 Fluid Ounces)

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Quick overview

  1. Ultra concentrated "Uncle Bubble" bubble liquid:
This Uncle Bubble soap is manufactured and marketed in compliance with BS EN71 toy safety standards . CE stamped.

Uncle Bubble Performance & Party Supplies. JWS has exclusive European distribution rights to the Uncle Bubble product range.

This listing is for the 944 millilitres (32oz) Concentrate - 1:9 mixing ratio - to make 9.4 litres of Bubble Solution.  

Prices are restricted to registered users

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EAN 5052838024654
Brand Uncle Bubble
RRP £27.50
Weight 1.1kg

SECRET BUBBLE MIX - used by Guinness World Record holders to create long-lasting giant bubbles. Regarded as the worlds best bubble concentrate by bubbleologists

STRONG BUBBLE SOLUTION Uncle Bubble makes stronger bubbles that are less likely to pop. The size, longevity, and elasticity of the bubbles are unlike anything you've seen before

HIGH QUALITY & SAFE BUBBLE SOLUTION Non-toxic concentrated liquid tested to the highest standard

BIG BUBBLE VALUE - What do you get? 944ml (32oz) Bubble Concentrate which makes 9.4 litres of bubble mixture liquid

FANTASTIC for families, schools, youth groups, performers and professional bubble artists

Available exclusively from JWS Europe Ltd, this incredible bubble concentrate is proven to create next-level bubble sculptures and jumbo-bubbles - as well as being perfect for even the most complex bubble tricks. Uncle Bubble concentrate should be accurately diluted one part concentrate to nine parts water. The results are then truly breathtaking - superb clarity and excellent bubble longevity in a variety of conditions allows bubbleologists to create mesmerising bubble art. This 32oz (0.94 litre) bottle has never before been available to trade and public - designed specifically for bubble performers, schools, workshops and serious hobbyists, Uncle Bubble formula out-performs all the competition. With this bottle, users can create an amazing 9.4 litres of premium bubble liquid. Perfect for gigs, travelling, and bubble parties. 

Bubble toys make for an ideal for getting kids outdoors, as they allow kids to express their creativity, and are just fun stuff for kids to play with.

This Bubble Concentrate product from Uncle Bubble gives you 944 milliliter (32 fluid ounce) bubble mixture concentrate. This bottle will mix with water at a 1:9 ratio to create 9.4 litres of transparent bubble solution. Just add one part of Uncle Bubble bubble mixture to nine parts water to create long-lasting bubbles. The solution can then be used with any of your favourite bubble-making toys.

Uncle Bubble 944 milliliter (32 fluid ounce) concentrate bubble solution is made for mega bubble fun. The Uncle Bubble range are fun things for kids to do whilst engaging in outdoor, garden or beach games. Other fun activities include; educational STEM for schools and nurseries and even professional bubbleologist bubble performers.

Our non-toxic giant bubble solution is suited for the creation of giant bubbles. We mean really big bubbles, with either wands, tri-string toys or other toys that blow bubbles.

Professional bubbleologists have used Uncle Bubble bubble liquid previously to set Guinness world records. The secret solution formula for Uncle Bubble bubble mix is used for bubble shows and bubble artistry worldwide due to its long-lasting nature.

Safety Warning

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with running water. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs.

Do not drink bubble solution - Not intended for consumption. If accidentally swallowed drink plenty of water immediately. In the event of continued discomfort consult your doctor.

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