YJ Unequal 3 x 3 x 3 Puzzle Cube

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Quick overview

The YJ unequal puzzle uses the same mechanism and format as a classic 3 x 3 x 3 twisty puzzle - but because the components are sized unequally, the solving experience quickly becomes disorientating, leading players to take wrong turns and perform incorrect algorithms. Puzzle solvers will need to concentrate and perfect their 3 x 3 methods in order to properly conquer the YJ unequal puzzle. Supplied in a simple cardboard box. 

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Brand YJ Cube
RRP £7.99
Weight 0.085kg

YJ cubes are affordable, entry-level puzzle cubes that are super fun to play with and come in many different 'modded' shapes. The variations on offer is incredible and expands the possibilities of cube design and play charactersitics. Each puzzle asks the player to expand and adapt their skill set to learn the secrets of the cube - even if it isn't a traditional cube shape! The unequal puzzle uses the same mechanism and format as a traditional 3 x 3 - but by altering the size of the pieces, YJ have made a confusing, tricky puzzle that's ready to decieve you, no matter how confident you are in your method.  

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