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YJ Magnet Block Puzzle Cube - Stickerless

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Quick overview

The Magent Block cube from YJ Cube is a new concept in the world of puzzles. Comprised of seven super bright plastic components, players must assemble the pieces in order to form a perfect cube - but there's only one correct combination. 

Once players have mastered this solve, it's time to crack open the cards. Included with the YJ Magent Block Cube is a deck of playing cards, each showing a different assembly possibility. Working from super easy, to super tough, players must connect the pieces to accuretaely represent the diagrams. 

To help players with their constructions, each piece is loaded with small yet powerful magnets. These lock pieces in to place firmly, allowing players to attempt crazy formations and let their imaginations run wild.  

Prices are restricted to registered users

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EAN 5052838030006
Brand YJ Cube
RRP £14.99
Weight 0.074kg

YJ Cube develop an enormous range of crazy shape cube puzzles. With the Magnet Cube, YJ Cube have made a super tactile block toy. Players must learn how to assemble a perfect cube from the seven tetris-style pieces. Once mastered, it's time to assemble the pieces in the sculptures and arrangements as shown on the included playing card deck - or simply let your imagination run wild. Each segment of the blocks is loaded with powerful yet discrete magnets which allows players to lock shapes in to position and create truly wonderful shapes. 

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