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Yomega Classic Brain Yo-Yo

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Quick overview

The Brain was first developed by Yomega as a yo-yo with a centrifugal clutch back in 1984. All those years later, it is still a design classic and handles with the same finesse and style it did on its initial release. the clutch (or 'brain') mechanism allows the yo-yo to return to the thrower's hand automatically when the yo-yo starts to slow down.This yo-yo is great for beginners helping players to develop a strong, hard throw and to get a good grasp on the 'sleeper' trick.
The Brain features a distinctive "Convex" or "Standard" body shape used on two other Yomega flagship models: the Fireball and looper's favourite The Raider. This Classic Brain model was manufactured in the USA from bullet proof plastic. The Classic Brain is only available in CLEAR colour.

Prices are restricted to registered users

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EAN 5052838019254
Brand Yomega
Diameter 58
Width 35.72
Shape Convex - Narrow Profile
Player Level Beginner
Axle Type Plastic Transazle
Style Auto-Return Yo-yo
Response System Brain - Centrifugal Clutch
RRP £14.99
Weight 0.058kg

The Yo-Yo with a brain - returns to the player's hand every-time! Narrow profile with great looping characteristics. Supplied with cotton string and ready for immediate play.

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